Saturday, August 3, 2013

Visitors galore

The last few days I've felt better when I wake up, which is to say, not horrible. No more dizziness. And I am able to walk a few more steps than before. What changed? I've been trying to eat less (more appropriate amt for someone who moves very little with slow digestion caused by meds), and I started watching the British t.v. series Shameless. Those are the only things I can think of! I did introduce a small amount of caffeine back into my diet which I'm enjoying.

When I seem to be experiencing an upswing in general, it could mean my stamina, etc., are improving for a while, but it also could just be part of the non-linear progression of my disease. My disease! I dont know if I've ever said that before! Anyway I enjoy being able to do a little bit more for myself (like walk into another room and walk back! Have a shower without needing to somehow build up the energy first.) Tomorrow's often a surprise.

Reading Ursula Le Guin's The Earthsea QuartetNYT in the mornings. Also: St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves. Inspector Singh Investigates. American Gods. Can't really engage at the mo. with weighty topics. Also enjoying music - a French radio station,, and Pandora shuffle.

Visitors galore this week, especially yesterday. Lots of folks dropping by, too. Mom. Oscar from Seattle. Brothers-in-law. Many folks passing through on their way home from the retreat. Old pal Jeff is here now (from So. Cal.) currently making us an omelette...

The retreat I was supposed to be co-leading with Jayacitta in Scotland started yesterday. Thankfully the stellar Paramananda was able to replace me so that worked out very well. Well. For them! I'm sorry not to be there. I miss walking and cooking and zooming around, although in a way, not that much. Friends, having lives in the world outside this room, bring me their news, in person and on email, which I enjoy. You people have no idea how much energy you have. 


  1. Such a sweet pic of you and your Mom. I'm glad you two had a good visit! I've really been enjoying hanging out with you and your wit (kinda like 'me and my shadow'!) who dance so beautifully together. I also really appreciated your wise counsel and perspective on that little matter I brought up. As always!

    I never know what to think about energy, high or low. It's refreshing to hear your thoughts! Makes me think....

  2. I am also very sorry you are not here. Miss seeing you. Love in heaps and heaps. Xxx pasadini

  3. Beautiful pic of your mum and you, Survanaprabha. Your faces echoing each other. Very moving to see.
    Love from Yashobodhi

  4. That is a moving picture. You look very sad. "Tomorrow's a surprise", indeed it is. Your post makes me reflect on how much "energy" makes us feel good or bad or alive or not so much. Chi, I guess.
    Caffeine is a much maligned drug! Enjoy.
    Thinking of you out here in Montana.
    lots of love, Varada

  5. It is a lovely picture. No surprise. Smiles to you.

  6. Hi Suvanna,
    Sitting in front of my screen, speechless and shocked. This morning I found your name in my old calendar with birthday dates accidentally. Just for fun I googled it, found your blog and learned about your cancer.

    I'm speechless and at the same time overwhelmed by your blog, your openness, your strength and the power that's in your words. You wrote in your last post that friends and their stories give you energy. Remember, you've got friends all over the world.

    All good wishes to you from Germany.
    Love, Thomas
    (Yunnan 1991)

  7. I'm glad that you've got even a tiny bit of energy back - and that you had a bit of energy to spend on the Public Ordination and the bash afterwards. It was a lovely gift to be able to sit with you and hold your hand and look into your eyes.

    As for my news, I'm getting ready to head to Aryaloka and then visit family and friends back east. I'll check in when I can.

    Much love,