Thursday, August 22, 2013

I don't recognize my arm

My body is turning into a different body. Mushy would be one way to describe it. I look at my arm - the skin and muscle tone - and it reminds me of the arm of my grandma Bruun, who died many years ago.

And even the most mild physical activity somehow makes me feel worse, makes my lungs ache and pant and wheeze for a while. What my body wants, craves really, is to lie still. But it seems from my current point of view that moving is what keeps you alive. It's the reason you can digest food and get tired and walk without falling. 

So many things to let go of.

My birthday was fun, saw more people than I thought I would want to!


  1. You were a most gracious hostess! Such a pleasure to hang out with you and hear stories about your wild-child days...(OMG! Who'd a thunk you did THAT!)--XOXO

  2. oh sorry Suvarnaprabha I thought your birthday was a few weeks hence. Belated Birthday pleased your 50th proved to be fun. lots of love, Sanghadevi

  3. Happy birthday! Was what would've been my cousin's 50th on the same day. XO