Wednesday, August 14, 2013

By way of contrast

Woke up feeling rather chipper this morning. Everything not such a slog.

Possible factors:

  • Hydration - been drinking lots more. Had been getting super dehydrated at night (partly due to drugs.)
  • Recovering more from brain radiation in May? Ears and forehead have stopped peeling also.
  • Not about eating less, as ate like a sow yesterday. 
  • Or was it Laura's awesome foot massage?

Reasons perhaps are unknowable, but I am enjoying it.


  1. enjoy it indeed. Life. Precious.

  2. Or the solid oil bar? I still felt the benefits of that on my hands the day after! Glad to hear you've got a lil' upswing. It was wonderful to see you blissing out on that massage. Muchos besos mi hermana preciosa!

  3. Eat like a sow
    Live in the now

  4. Just so you know..I am still reading your blog and thinking of you..with love..dear Suvarnaprabha. Love Sanghadevi

  5. Yes indeed - enjoy!! - maybe a pickup for your 50th birthday xxx

  6. Glad to hear you had a bit of an upswing. I hope it carries through as your body recovers from the radiation. I'm so happy we got to connect again this year and see "Samsara" together. Sending you some energy from Whidbey! love, Lynne