Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer Retreat Sunset
Suvarnaprabha seems more and more in her own world, commenting on things that we can't see (though I wish we could).  It is increasingly hard for her to communicate. She seems curious and surprised, but not particularly worried by this. She needs a lot more help as time goes on, mostly from her gentle sisters, and she accepts it now with grace and humor (mostly).
Some people at the Buddhist Center will be organizing meditation and chanting at various times in the next few days - I'll post the information here.
Take care of yourselves and each other.


  1. I wrote something on my blog about Suvarnaprabha today that I wanted to share with you all - I put the link at the bottom of the comment.

    We never met, Suvarnaprabha, but I found this blog yesterday and felt so moved by your friendliness and honestly straight away. I wanted to let you know how your words and spirit moved me in my own life, and that I will keep you and your loved ones in my heart these coming days.

    Even into the darkest burrows
    the deepest
    the most forgotten ones,
    as if in an intermission
    and when nobody expects anything any longer,
    comes the light.
    (Anestis Evangelou, "The Light")

    Jen xxx

  2. Hi Padmatara, hi everybody,
    I just want to say how much I appreciate you taking this on. I'm really glad to be able to continue to have news of Suvarnaprabha, to help me keep her in mind and to imagine how things are for her and for all of you, her friends and family. Please give her my love and tell her I'm thinking of her and sending loads of love and metta.
    And my heartfelt wishes to all of you who are close to her, being with her, helping and supporting her, living with your own feelings about losing her...