Tuesday, September 24, 2013

After a couple of days of being wide awake and commenting on everything she saw, Suvarnaprabha became much quieter yesterday afternoon, and more sleepy, and now this morning she is hardly communicating at all. She is very weak and can't swallow food.
Laura arrives back tonight, so the four sisters will be together for a little while.
Thank you all for your comments, emails and other communications of support for Suvarnaprabha and those around her. It's good to know you are there.
love, Padmatara


  1. Dear Suvarnaprabha,

    Though we have only met twice, I think of you often, especially now. I thank you for the life you have shared. Rest with ease and feel the love that shines upon you.

  2. Dear Suvarnaprabha,
    I had no idea that you had cancer. I only found out this afternoon. I have spent part of the afternoon reading your blog and learning for the first time about what you have been going through. i am so sorry i didnt know.

    i wish i could kiss you goodbye. i wish i could tell you about all the ways you have made me laugh, all the ways your wit and intelligence and unrelenting wisdom affected my understanding of my practice. but it seems i cannot tell you these things now. i dont even know how to reach you, so i am writing to you here. it is the first time i write to a blog. i am not even sure if i will do it right.

    i wish i had known that this was happening. i was in san francisco last year and i didnt know then. i had hoped to see you then, but you couldnt make it. i didnt know why nor what you were experiencing. and now it is too late. i doubt you will read this note or realize it is here. i wish you could, but it seems that that time has passed.

    i am sorry to be losing you, Suvarnaprabha. You are a life-force, a power of extraordinary joy. i am so sorry that you are leaving. i wish i could say goodbye. hold your hand for a moment.
    i read that you have heard "i love you" so many times these past few months. i would like to add one more.

    i love you, Suvarnaprabha.

  3. Dear Suvarnaprabha,

    Ever since I was ordained three years ago yesterday I have eagerly read your Shabda reports and latterly your blog. Throughout my short order life you have been inspiring. Ripples make waves and I sense had I lived near you or got to know you the waves would have bowled me over or surfed me to new shores. What a gift of communication you have. What a gift your life is. Thank you Suvarnaprabha for lighting corners in my life. Thank you for being you.

    Fare well blessed spirit.



  4. Dear Suvarnaprabha,

    May your passage be easy and bright. Thank you for your beautiful sharing of radiance in this life. May you go forth without attachment, into the current of love and light.


    And to those who have been caring for Suvarnaprabha, thank you. I can only imagine how challenging (and heartbreaking) it has been. My heart goes out to you as well, that you might find some sense of support and lightness of being in these heavy moments. xoxo