Wednesday, June 5, 2013


You know how when you were younger and allowed your skin to get super burnt in the sun? And a few days later, in passing your hand across it, wherever it was, flakes of dead skin would wad up. My head is like that today, many layers of skin are coming off it. I took a bath and was astonished at how much skin was left in the tub. All part of the healing process I suppose. A couple of years ago could I have guessed that I'd be writing about dead skin in the bathtub on a cancer blog?

And occasionally coughing like crazy, tonight to the point of throwing up. There are simple things I can do that help this, like drinking hot water and using acupressure points. I did a bit this evening.

If I hadn't started out being overweight, I would probably be too skinny now. Hopefully the appetite will kick in again before I get past a certain point. A friend made me some cornbread with weed (actually it's only the butter that is cooked in weed). I tried one small bite and I must say (after quite a while) I felt my body relax in a way that it doesn't otherwise. I think it helps with my appetite too. Today I had a slightly larger bite and later talking to Padmadharini I could not remember what I was talking about once I got to the second half of a sentence. That happened three times. Oh well, I had an excellent nap afterwards.

I got a sweet message from Dr. Littel today asking how I am doing. I haven't seen him in quite a while.

Sorry, no pictures, as I am not actually taking any and don't have the wherewithal to search the archives.

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