Sunday, June 9, 2013

Golden throat lozenges

Watching "Girls" (HBO series) and a documentary about Richard Attenborough.

I seem to be getting more tired, rather than less, which is disturbing. I'm sleeping more, and the amount of time I am able to stand up or even sit in a chair is shorter. I'm making an effort to eat more and hope that will help me regain some strength.

When I'm in bed, I started lying only on my back, which means way less coughing. Dhammagita says I might like these (left), Golden throat lozenges. If you can find me a pack so I can try them, please do! She got them somewhere in Chinatown. American cough drops, even the sugar-free ones, are too sweet for me.

All right well, that's all I got right now!


  1. I'm going to be in Chinatown tonight so will look for them. :)

    When I first read the opening paragraph, I thought it said "Girls" was a documentary about Richard Attenborough, and was trying to figure that out.

    But mostly I'm just posting to send metta. XOXOXOXO

  2. cool, thanks. PT said she ordered some online but getting them sooner would be fab.

  3. Even the idea of 'golden' throat lozenges is soothing! Sending love and ease--XOXO