Saturday, July 6, 2013

Walking slow

I can't summarize the last two weeks, but maybe I can say a few things.

The retreat was wonderful. Because I got a chance to really take in my current physical situation, not to say predicament. And because my friends took excellent care of me there, brought me three meals a day, gave me massages, walked with me up to the shower with a chair so I could sit down to catch my breath every 15 steps or so. I have never been the object of so  much kindness before, as far as I can recollect. It takes some getting used to! It's so nice, too, to be in an environment again where the focus is on...well, existence really, one's own, and how one interacts with it. 

Right now breathing in sounds incredibly wheezy, like there are ghosts in my throat. Or sad elephants. 

Seeing Dr. Nelson Monday morning, and a hospice nurse Tuesday morning (here). 

My sister Kathy and my niece and nephew arrived tonight. 

Putting together Tania's massage table


  1. Great to hear for you. I've been really thinking of you and wondering how you were/are. I've missed you on your blog! Sounds like you got completely saturated in kindness which is so good to hear. Lots of love xx

  2. Radiant Jikoji - fitting.

  3. I'm really happy you had such a lovely 2 weeks. I kept imagining you laying bed in that swell little room, looking out at the creek, listening to frogs, crickets, the chanting from above, taking in everything as it is. How wonderful to accept the love and care--always such a practice in its own right! May being home be a joy in its own way. And hurray for sisters! Loads of love to you!

  4. Glad to hear you had a lovely retreat. I can picture your surroundings, especially all those kind individuals. Sending hugs and healing metta.

  5. Loving thoughts from your buddies in Dunsmuir! I have read up on your blog, your writing is amazing, you are amazing amidst all you face!
    We love you, Heike and Steven

  6. Dude your view looked stellar. Glad you got to go and be the receptacle for so many blessings. I was right there with you, the whole time. Xxx pasadini

  7. Glad you were surrounded by helpfulness and love on the retreat. Imagining the lovely forest and creek surrounding you. Wishing you an immediate and Supreme Awakening. xoxoxo Sandy in Vancouver