Monday, March 11, 2013

Back by the Bay

Baby gator at Jean Lafitte Reserve
Some people got the impression that I didn't like New Orleans. I loved it. I liked the cultures and the history. I loved the food (just that it is  unhealthy, fattening, and not vegetarian!) I loved the Voodoo museum, the street car, wandering around, and our bicycle tour...

It's good to be home, too. All those cancer patients with their bucket lists. How do they find the energy?

Loads of summer plans floating around, which I won't go into until some of them settle down. A couple things I have said in the last few days have made me realize that I now think of myself as someone who's going to live for a few more years. A change I will regret? Can't do anything about having one idea or another about a life expectancy anyway. Except, maybe, get a CT scan.

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